Estelle Chemicals Pvt Ltd


Estelle a leading producer of food emulsifiers and specialtity surfactants in India. It is renowned for its quality and cutting edge technology for producing hi-tech emulsifiers for variety of applications.

Estelle has long-standing heritage in producing food additives and specialty surfactants. Since its foundation in 1998, the company has established a large customer base throughout India, Asia pacific, Africa and Middle East. With the state of the art manufacturing facility it complies all the food safety standards and certifications.

An ISO 9001-2008 "TUV" certified company, the company offers Kosher & Halal certified products to meet the global standards and ideally positioned itself to offer the technical expertise and support that is required in today’s challenging market.

Our product portfolio includes following products:

Glycerol Esters:

  • Glycerol monostearate(GMS);
  • Mono-diglycerides(MDG),
  • Distilled monoglycerides(DMG),
  • Glycerol tristearate(GTS),
  • Glycerol monooleate(GMO),
  • Glycerol trioleate(GTO),
  • Glycerol monolaurate(GML).

Sorbitan Esters:

  • Sorbitan Monolaurate(SML) ,
  • Sorbitan monopalmitate(SMP),
  • Sorbitan monostearate(SMS),
  • Sorbitan Tristearate(STS),
  • Sorbitan Monooleate(SMO),
  • Sorbitan trioleate(STO).

Polyglycerol Esters:

  • Polyglycerol esters of fatty acid(PGE),
  • Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate(PGPR).

Baking Additives:

  • Sodium Stearoyl lactylate(SSL),
  • Cake gels, Bread improvers.

Contact Details

  • Contact Person: Mr. Sudhir Bhagat
  • Address: G - 20 / 5, MIDC, Ahmednagar 414111
  • Telephone: +91 - 241 - 2779199
  • Mobile: +91 - 9890699797
  • Email: